One-Man Focus Group

The Navy has formally abandoned all-caps communiques. You probably have, too.
June 24, 2013

The Navy has formally abandoned all-caps communiques. You probably have, too.

Why No One Saves Ticket Stubs Any More
(Hint: It's because there are no more ticket stubs.)
June 18, 2013

Why doesn't anyone save ticket stubs any more? Because there are no more ticket stubs.

PRISM: Scary Program, Unlikely Logo
What the NSA owes Pink Floyd
June 13, 2013

Someone at the National Security Agency is apparently a Pink Floyd fan.

New Airline Uniforms: Just as Boring as the Old Ones
Prosaic flight attendant outfits and the decline of the uniformed service class
June 03, 2013

A bunch of airlines have recently updated their flight attendants' uniform. They're just as boring as the old ones—which actually says a lot about the sad decline of the uniformed service class.

The Mysteries of the Cereal Box
The complicated history of how a cereal box closes
May 28, 2013

Did anyone notice that the way you close a cereal box has changed? One-Man Focus Group noticed, and found out the surprisingly complicated design history. 

Little Debbie Gets a (Very Minor) Fashion Update
But the snack food company wants you to know her "innocence and purity" are still intact
May 20, 2013

Annals of branding: The snack-food icon gets a minor makeover, but the company wants you to know she's still innocent and pure.

Cracker Jack's "Extreme" Reboot
It's extremely awful!
May 13, 2013

Why would the only brand to get a baseball-anthem shout-out ever want to reinvent itself?

Smart Quotes are Killing the Apostrophe
How a software innovation doomed the inverted comma
May 06, 2013

How the rise of the "smart quote" heralded typographic doom for the humble apostrophe.

The New $100 Bill is Less Dignified than Monopoly Money
The aesthetic cost of counterfeit-proofing
April 29, 2013

What would Ben Franklin–a printer by trade–make of the goofy-looking new bill that bears his image?

The New Budweiser Can is About Impressing Millennials, Not Improving Ergonomics
April 22, 2013

That new dumbbell-shaped can isn't about improving ergonomics–it's about impressing millennials. (But don't tell them the can uses twice as much aluminum.)