Ben Carson Is Confident He'd Confront a Mass Shooter, But He Has No Clue
October 06, 2015

"I would not just stand there and let him shoot me," he said. Psychologists say otherwise.

Liberals Are Unfairly Taking Jeb Bush's "Stuff Happens" Out of Context
October 02, 2015

There are plenty of problems with his statement about the Oregon massacre, but that wasn't one of them.

Donald Trump Is Right: Mass Shootings Have Become More Frequent
October 01, 2015

“It’s happening more and more," he said. "Years back, I just don’t remember these things happening."

This Woman Will Take Her Own Life November 1. Our Healthcare System Let Her Down.
October 08, 2014

Don't second-guess her decision. Take it as a lesson about how terribly our health care system handles dying.

Obamacare Online Will Be Glitchy. Don't Freak Out.
September 20, 2013

October 1 is less than two weeks away. And if you have followed the coverage of Obamacare, then you have heard a lot about that date.

Look at These F---ing Hipsters Without Health Care
July 25, 2013

The Wall Street Journal could not have found a more perfect hipster to illustrate why, as a Thursday headline reads, "New Health-Care Law's Success Rests on the Young." His name is Gabe Meiffren.

What Oregon Really Told Us About Medicaid
May 13, 2013

More than a week after some very smart health economists released findings from a study of Medicaid in Oregon, policy experts, politicians, and pundits are still arguing over exactly what the study showed—and how, if at all, it should change what we

The Filibuster and "The Fermata"
January 22, 2013

Why time has stopped in the Senate, and why the filibuster will likely survive.

In Washington, Marijuana Proponents Outspent Opponents 400 to 1
November 16, 2012

On October 31, a six-minute video titled “Chapel Chat with Evangelina Holy” appeared on YouTube. Despite the blurry footage and poor audio, the title character is a dead ringer for Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” character from “Saturday Night Live.” In Carvey’s voice, Holy reads a letter from a viewer worried about marijuana legalization ballot initiatives in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

There Aren't As Many Missing Voters As It Seems
November 08, 2012

Millions of voters remain to be counted.