The Finest Collection Of Human Knowledge To Gather In New York Since Joey Buttafuoco Dined Alone
May 31, 2011

I can't fathom why this is not on a reality television show right now: Sarah Palin sat down with Donald Trump in New York City on Tuesday night for just over a half hour at the former Alaska governor continued her roadtrip up the Eastern seaboard. Palin's office reached out to meet with Trump, not the other way around, Michael Cohen, special counsel at the Trump organization told ABC News. The two met in his 30,000-square-foot apartment in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and later ate dinner together. At Palin's request they dined at Famous Famiglia Pizzeria near Times Square. "She wanted pizza,"

Rapper’s Delight
May 13, 2011

Watching Republicans clutching their pearls to see the rapper Common invited to the White House on a poetry night Wednesday has revealed a party whose stars are grievously out of touch with the culture they hope to lead, as well as to culture in general, apparently. It is understandable that some would imagine if the Obamas convene a poetry night, the invitees would be the likes of Billy Collins or Elizabeth Alexander, who read a poem at the President’s inauguration.

Yes, Sarah Palin Is Trig's Mom
April 22, 2011

I've never cared enough about this story to pay close attention, but for those who do, Salon has put it to rest: We've learned, for instance, that an Associated Press reporter in Alaska who was covering Palin during her pregnancy in early 2008 (before she became a national figure) thoroughly investigated rumors that the pregnancy was a hoax. The reporter directly questioned Palin about the matter in a private meeting in her Juneau office before she gave birth. Gov. Palin responded by voluntarily lifting her outer layer of clothing, offering a clear look at her round belly.

Why Conservatives Turned on Sarah Palin
March 09, 2011

It’s never easy to extricate yourself from a fling that got way too serious. But that’s exactly what many conservatives are trying to do after a few heady years of Sarah Palin infatuation. In the wake of Palin’s deeply unserious reality TV show and her embarrassing “blood libel” video, the bloom’s worn off the rose, rather definitively. In fact, those incidents may have provided just the convenient excuses the GOP establishment was looking for. Now, with the 2012 election looming, Palin’s former backers are fleeing left and right.

Sarah Palin Has A Point
February 16, 2010

When I read that the former Alaska governor objects to a clip in the show "Family Guy," I was prepared to think she's once again being over-sensitive. But, no, this is really disgusting: In the episode,  shown Sunday on Fox, the teenage son Chris Griffin courts a female classmate named Ellen who has Down syndrome. During a date with Chris, Ellen tells him, “My dad’s an accountant and my mom is the former governor of Alaska.” The joke appeared to be a swipe at Ms. Palin, whose son Trig also has Down syndrome. Clip here:

Don't Conservatives Hope To Govern?
February 15, 2010

Mike Potemra at National Review argues that liberals should like the filibuster: I address this question to Rachel Maddow, who just delivered a long and passionate address against the filibuster (I caught only the last five minutes of it): Three years from now, Palin is president, with J. D. Hayworth as Senate majority leader, and Michele Bachmann as Speaker of the House. (Of course it’s impossible – just like the election of Obama was, and the election of Scott Brown, and . .

Palin: Obama Plans Are "Backassward"
November 18, 2009

That's the word Palin used in her ABC interview to describe Obama's handling of the economy: "I would start cutting taxes and allowing our small businesses to keep more of what they are earning, more of what they are producing, more of what they own and earn so that they could start reinvesting in their businesses and expand and hire more people," Palin told Walters. "Not punishing them by forcing health care reform down their throats; by forcing an energy policy down their throats that ultimately will tax them more and cost them more to stay in business.

Sarah Palin Has An Op-ed Today!
July 14, 2009

Her subject matter is the House bill to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Palin argues against it by ignoring the entire question of carbon dioxide emissions and instead arguing that expensive energy is bad and cheap energy is good. I'd be tempted to suggest that this signals her total intellectual unsuitablity for office, but, sadly, this is par for the course on the right these days. The subtext of the op-ed is Palin's attempt to position herself as, if not a policy wonk, then somebody whose views on public policy deserve to be taken seriously.

The Killer Logic Of Sarah Palin
July 04, 2009

From her speech: And so as I thought about this announcement that I wouldn't run for re-election and what it means for Alaska, I thought about how much fun some governors have as lame ducks... travel around the state, to the Lower 48 (maybe), overseas on international trade - as so many politicians do. And then I thought - that's what's wrong - many just accept that lame duck status, hit the road, draw the paycheck, and "milk it". I'm not putting Alaska through that - I promised efficiencies and effectiveness! ? That's not how I am wired.

Palin’s Independence Day
July 03, 2009

Ed Kilgore is managing editor of The Democratic Strategist, a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute, and a frequent contributor to a variety of political journals.     Generously helping the chattering classes extend a week of speculation about her past and future, Alaska governor Sarah Palin announced today that she was resigning her position on July 26, because--well, it’s not quite clear why, but if you watch her press conference, it seems to have something to do with her concept of point-guard play in basketball.  She’s handing off the governorship to her Loot, moving towards