Pat Caddell

Clinton is Better Than Obama at Explaining Why Obama is Better Than Clinton
September 06, 2012

Obama's a better president than Clinton, but Clinton's better at explaining why.

It's Official: Pat Caddell's A Wingnut
July 30, 2012

I’ve entertained lingering doubts that the embittered onetime Carter pollster Pat Caddell has morphed into a full-fledged conservative crank. I doubt no more. He’s now a columnist for Can Doug Schoen be far behind?

It's Official: Pat Caddell's A Wingnut
July 30, 2012

I've entertained lingering doubts that the embittered onetime Carter pollster Pat Caddell has morphed into a full-fledged conservative crank. I doubt no more. He's now a columnist for Can Doug Schoen be far behind?

Caddell-Schoen's Hillary Balloon
November 21, 2011

I bet you didn't know we've reached "the Hillary moment." Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen's latest harebrained idea is for the president to step aside and invite the Democratic National Convention to declare Hillary Clinton the 2012 nominee "by acclamation." Obama, they concede, "could still win re-election in 2012." But "the kind of campaign required for the president's political survival would make it almost impossible for him to govern." These guys have never liked Obama. They compared him to Richard Nixon before the 2010 midterms and urged him not to seek re-election a couple of weeks later.

Criticize Obama? Sure. But Not For This.
September 02, 2010

I've heard a lot of theories about why President Obama and the Democrats are in political trouble right now. And I find most of them plausible. But I continue to baffled by the consistency theory, which erstwhile Democratic strategist Pat Caddell endorsed in a recent interview with National Review: “President Obama’s undoing may be his disingenuousness,” Caddell says. After campaigning for post-partisanship, Obama, he observes, has lurched without pause to the left.

This Is Why You're Here
March 16, 2010

Slate's Will Saletan responds to pollsters Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen--and everybody else telling the Democrats not to support health care reform because it might not play well in November: Losing your job is a scary idea. It's natural to look for a way out. It's also natural to rationalize your self-preservation. You aren't really caving; you're just serving the public by heeding the polls. Isn't that a legislator's job? No. It isn't. Your job description is in the nation's founding documents. The Constitution specifies representative democracy, not direct democracy.

What Failure Would Cost the Democrats
March 15, 2010

Disgruntled (if not former) Democrats Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen are the latest to join in offering advice to President Obama and Congressional Democrats to abandon their health reform quest before it causes catastrophic damage to the party.

More Insincere Advice For Dems
March 12, 2010

Pollsters Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell have a Washington Post op-ed urging the Democrats to abandon health care reform out of their own self-interest: As pollsters to the past two Democratic presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, respectively, we feel compelled to challenge the myths that seem to be prevailing in the political discourse and to once again urge a change in course before it is too late.

The Man Behind the Cardigan
May 20, 1978

 Note: in the late spring of 1960, the Spanish Poet J. E. Cirlot sent an open letter to the editor of the Paris Review. “The error of symbolist artists and writers,” he wrote “has always een precisely this: that they sought to turn the entire sphere of reality into a vehicle for impalpable correspondences.” Since that time a wide variety of essayists and symbolist journeymen have, through word and deed, taken Cirlot’s indelicate observation to heart, but none has more thoroughly engaged popular attention than Duane P. Delacourt, current secretary of symbolism.