The Embroiderer
February 10, 2011

Under the Sun: The Letters of Bruce Chatwin Selected and edited by Elizabeth Chatwin and Nicholas Shakespeare (Viking, 554 pp., $35) The expression “to embroider the truth” was already current when Sir Walter Raleigh—no mean embroiderer himself—complained about the exaggerations of Greek travelers such as Herodotus. But it could have been invented for the English writer and self-styled nomad Bruce Chatwin instead.

The challenge to Joe Lieberman.
May 01, 2006

Let the record show that Ned Lamont does not consider Joe Lieberman a whiny-ass titty baby. Nor does he believe that Connecticuts junior senator is a douchebag, an ass clown, or any of the other nasty names liberal bloggers have called Liebermanwhom, with those bloggers help, Lamont hopes to defeat in this Augusts Democratic primary. I really regret that rhetoric, Lamont said one recent afternoon, blushing a little as some of the derogatory appellations for Lieberman were read back to him. I think hes a good man, I think hes a patriot, I think he does what he thinks is right. ...