In California, Climate Politics Are Tricky... For Republicans
September 08, 2010

Conventional wisdom holds that global warming is a losing issue for political candidates. But that's certainly not the case in California, where Republicans are actually getting into trouble for opposing the state's climate law: A November ballot measure that would rescind California's landmark global warming bill until unemployment drops significantly has become an albatross for the Republican candidates for governor and U.S.

Apple Unplugs Itself From Chamber of Commerce
October 05, 2009

We can now add Apple to the list of companies bidding the Chamber of Commerce farewell over the group's obstruction on climate policy. This is the Chamber's highest-profile defection to date, and one that's guaranteed to keep the story percolating in the news a bit longer.

PG&E to Chamber of Commerce: Sayonara, Baby
September 22, 2009

Score one more for the corporate responsibility crowd: Pacific Gas & Electric has up and left the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, citing “irreconcilable differences” with the business lobby’s climate policy. In its reasoned explanation, PG&E referred to some of the other recent principled stands that Duke Energy and Alstom have made in quitting the American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy. Other companies, like Nike and Johnson & Johnson, have taken the Chamber to task for its regressive stance.