The Plank

Senate Republicans Want the GOP to Make All Sorts of Promises It Can't Keep
May 27, 2014 Politics

A new "Contract With America" will only lead to more counterproductive overpromising.

The GOP's Outrageous Health Care Hypocrisy: Vets Aren't the Only People Who Die Awaiting Care

Republicans should apply their instinct and outrage that lapses in health care killed U.S. veterans to the poor and uninsured.

Jeb Bush Claims He's More Bookish Than His Brother. Karl Rove Begs To Differ.

My Genghis Khan biography eats your Kindle for lunch, little bro.

Rand Paul Is a Deeply Cynical Politician
May 26, 2014 Hypocrisy

Rand Paul is often described as more pragmatic than his father. What he actually is is much more cynical. 

Ukrainian President-Elect Petro Poroshenko Promises Reform as More Fighting Breaks Out
May 26, 2014 Ukraine

The morning after being elected president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko laid out his initial plans for the country as renewed fighting breaks out in the east. 

Why Do Adult Romantic Partners Call Each Other "Baby?"
May 25, 2014 Language

The evolutionary logic—and other meanings—of a pet name

The Ukrainian Election Is Underway, and Thousands Will Not Vote
May 25, 2014 Ukraine

Ukraine heads to the polls today, but thousands won't be able to cast a vote. 

Putin Stirred Up Donetsk, Now He's Leaving Its People High and Dry
May 24, 2014 Ukraine

Putin and his propaganda machine have convinced the people of Donetsk that they're fighting for their lives, and suddenly he's lost interest in their fight.

Meet the Second-Rate Academic Who is Vladimir Putin's Culture Cop
May 23, 2014 Russia

Vladimir Medinsky believes Russians have an extra chromosome