The Plank

The Republican Party Has a VA Problem, Too: Privatization Isn't Popular
1:25 PM Politics

Republicans' "small government" alternative to the VA is unpopular with veterans.

The Economics of Reparations: Why Congress Should Meet Ta-Nehisi Coates's Modest Demand
10:43 PM race

We can debate reparations all we want. But we can't decide whether to make reparations until we know exactly what doing so would entail. 

This Video of a Mobbed Subway Station in Brazil Should Frighten World Cup Fans
2:28 PM Video

You'd better hope bus drivers aren't on strike this summer.

Democrats to Participate in GOP Benghazi Committee—Here's Why it's a Big Mistake
2:17 PM Benghazi

The idea that Democrats' very presence on the Benghazi committee will amount to a check on overreach is oddly blind to the events of the past year and a half.

The VA Scandal May Become the New Benghazi—And Not Because the Right Cares About Veterans
1:52 PM Politics

Three related things to keep in mind about the unfolding VA scandal.

Republicans War-Monger, Then Complain When We're Overwhelmed By Sick Vets
12:55 PM Politics

Is it too much to ask for a smidgen of self-awareness and restraint?

The American Right, Not the 'Tea Party,' Is the GOP's Big Liability
11:48 AM 2014 Elections

The real issue isn't whether the "Tea Party" has been a liability for the GOP, but whether the Republican electorate remains fractious and reactionary. It does.

U.S. Corporations Are Exploiting a Huge Tax Loophole, but the GOP Doesn't Want to Close It
11:30 AM Economics

Republicans are futilely holding out for tax reform instead.

It's Finally Spring! Here's How the Cold Weather Affected Your Brain
4:03 PM Psychology

People are more likely to believe criminals have committed premeditated crimes when they themselves are cold.