The Plank

Republicans Are Right About Deregulation, But They're Choosing the Wrong Targets
May 19, 2014 Economics

If the GOP was really committed to sparking growth through deregulation, you would hear a lot more about housing policy and a lot less about the Affordable Care Act.

Please, Liberals: Don't Fall for Rand Paul's Latest Filibuster
May 19, 2014 Legal

David Barron would be a fantastic federal judge.

Climate Change Will Force Us to Abandon Coastal Cities. We'd Better Start Preparing Right Now.

The consequences of our inaction today will not be fixable down the road, no matter how much money the government spends. Instead, we will focus on containing the damage, whether through mitigation or abandonment.

Disgusting Odors Make People Less Supportive of Gay Marriage
May 18, 2014 Psychology

A study also found that foul smells made people more conservative about premarital sex, pornography, and abortion.

That Viral Story About the Racist Ice Cream Song Is Wrong
May 16, 2014 Media

A writer for NPR makes a bold argument—but without the necessary facts.

Your Commencement Speech Will Be Generic and Bland. This Data Proves It.

Data reveals that most still tell grads to "Help others!" and "Do the right thing!"

Jill Abramson's Firing Shows the Insidious New Way Sexism Happens in the Modern Workplace
May 16, 2014 Gender

This is what makes today’s sexism so tricky: It’s about feelings and impressions created by women’s behavior, not red lines drawn between men and women. 

Can You Really Compare the AIDS Crises in the U.S. and Western Europe?
May 16, 2014 Health

The statistical quirks of looking at AIDS across countries.