The Plank

Republicans' New Midterm Strategy: Obama Is a Lawless President
May 12, 2014 Midterms

Obamacare is out. Obama's supposed lawlessness is in.

No One Knows What the Referendums in Eastern Ukraine Decided
May 12, 2014 Ukraine

Pro-Russia separatists hold a referendum in favor of—no one knows exactly. 

The Genius Pundits Who Called the Manziel Pick
May 12, 2014 Sports

Jon Gruden was particularly helpful draft night, right up until the moment he repeated Manziel's name one too many times and his head exploded.

How Much Money Can Republicans Raise Off Benghazi? Ask Darrell Issa
May 11, 2014 Politics

No one is better at turning hyped-up scandal into campaign cash.

'The Admission': an Israeli Play Worth Seeing
May 11, 2014 Theater

An Israeli play, "The Admission," survives the attempt to censor it in Washington DC.

Memoir By Committee? Hillary Clinton's Book Excerpts Aren't Remotely Original.

On Mother's Day, Clinton released an excerpt about her mother.

When the Pope Speaks, Liberals and Conservatives Only Hear What They Want To Hear
May 09, 2014 inequality

Every time Francis talks about inequality, the left and the right argue over what he means.

Putin Is Trying to Take Over Russia's Memories of WWII
May 09, 2014 Memory

69 years ago today, the Germans surrendered to the Soviets, who had lost 27 million people in the war. Their victory has nothing to do with Putin.

Don't Trust Oklahoma's Death Penalty Panel

We can't trust the same people who keep botching executions to fix them.