Police Have Too Much Power Over Motorists
July 23, 2015

Sandra Bland’s violent arrest shows why the law must change.

Data-Driven Policing
May 18, 2015

National databases for police incidents are a step closer.

Looking While Black
April 30, 2015

When eye contact with police is considered a crime.

The Killing of Walter Scott Sheds Light on the Problem of Police Lying
April 08, 2015

The lies act as shield for police violence and as a larger source of corruption in the criminal justice system.

Language Police
March 14, 2015

The NYPD can’t delete brutality from its history. 

You, Too, Can Prevent Police Brutality
March 04, 2015

The DOJ's report on Ferguson shows why we need to prevent, not just punish, law enforcement abuses.

Another Police Killing, Another Twitter Hashtag. But #HomelessLivesMatter Isn't Enough.
March 03, 2015

A video shows LAPD killed an unarmed homeless man on Skid Row.

The FBI Director Just Gave a Historic Speech on Race. It Was 30 Years Too Late.
February 12, 2015

The FBI director deserves credit for entering a space where moderates tend to get shouted down.

Bill de Blasio Is Caving to New York Cops
February 12, 2015

What happened to the mayor's pledge to reform the NYPD?