The Supreme Court's Abortion-Clinic Ruling Just Made Cops' Jobs Much Harder
The buffer-zone ruling will force a piecemeal approach from law enforcement
June 26, 2014

Police will now have to scramble to keep patients and protesters from clashing.

My Lingering Disquiet Over the Capitol Hill Shooting
October 04, 2013

It all came and went so quickly—panicked reports of a shooting outside the Capitol, a lockdown (Kansas Republican Sen.

Time For Another Beer Summit?
August 05, 2009

Remember the Boston cop who wrote the racist email about Gates-gate? He's suing: He's demanding unspecified damages for his pain and suffering - and an end to efforts by Police Commissioner Ed Davis and Mayor Tom Menino to bounce him from the force, at least without a hearing. I guess there was no way this whole thing wouldn't produce at least one lawsuit. --Jason Zengerle