Pope Francis

Pope Francis Just Ripped the Weapons From the Culture Warriors' Hands
October 13, 2014

Voice of the Family called it a "betrayal," so it must be good.

Stop Fawning Over Pope Francis at the Expense of Women and Gay Rights
December 29, 2013

It's time for some perspective on papal hype

What Do Bill de Blasio and Pope Francis Have in Common?
September 23, 2013

Bill de Blasio, the frontrunner for New York City mayor and darling of the city's progressives, was a "youthful leftist," according to a lengthy report in today's New York Times.

What the Pope, Iran's President, and Spain's King Can Tell Us
September 20, 2013

What do Spain’s King Juan Carlos, Pope Francis, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have in common? And what does it tell us about the American invasion of Iraq?

Pope Francis Versus the Vatican
The battle to remake the Church
August 18, 2013

Francis versus the Vatican.

Eleven Pictures of Pope Francis Looking Humble
August 18, 2013

He even rides the subway!

On Our Cover: The Perestroika Pope
August 16, 2013

In this week's cover story, Damon Linker investigates how the man once known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio will change the future of Catholic Church. Since being elected Pope in March, Francis has heartened progressive Catholics with his focus on the poor

Gays Storming Vatican!
June 12, 2013

In tomorrow's New York Times, Rachel Donadio has a hilarious piece on the Vatican's 'Gay Lobby,' which Pope Francis acknowledged this week in conversation. It seems that the previous Pope sent a dossier (dossier? really?

Pope Francis and the "Dirty War": The Video Testimony
Watch him talk about Argentina's controversial past
March 18, 2013

Since he became Pope Francis last week, questions have swirled about Jorge Bergoglio’s relationship with Argentina’s junta during the country’s "Dirty War," a period of military rule between 1976 and 1983.

How Francis Is Adjusting to Papal Life
March 18, 2013

Vatican officials breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when Pope Francis (“Just call me ‘Frank’”) surfaced in Buenos Aires nearly a month after disappearing during the first week of his papacy.