Kids Are Exposed to More Fat Shaming on TV Than Adults
Animated shows are the worst offenders
August 28, 2014

Over 50 percent of the shows studied featured insults about people's weight. 

Short Men Make Better Boyfriends and Husbands
They're less likely to divorce and they do an extra hour of housework each week
August 27, 2014

Thousands upon thousands of men rejoice, feel redeemed. 

Why Does Sad Music Make Us Feel Happy?
August 24, 2014

Here's the reason you crank up sad songs when you're already feeling bad. 

Don’t Blame Parkinson’s for Robin Williams’s Suicide
August 15, 2014

The link between the disease and depression is well-established.

Your Baby's Pacifier Could Be Stunting His Emotional Growth
August 12, 2014

If you really want to bond with your baby, ditch the binky.

An Anthropologist Asked Schizophrenics Around the World to Describe the Voices in Their Heads
August 07, 2014

Turns out that where they're from vastly impacts what they hear.

Tipper Gore Was Right, Violent Video Games Are Bad For You
Especially those ones that play with your sense of self ...
August 05, 2014

Especially those ones that play with your sense of self.

Why Plane Disasters Won’t Make People Afraid of Flying
July 27, 2014

You'll forget about them in four to six months.

Men Can Be Just as "Maternal" As Women, According to Neuroscience
July 25, 2014

Brain research shows that fathers who are secondary to a female caregiver are more engaged as thinkers and planners. But men raising a child without a female partner were found to have the same level of emotional response as a mother.

Dogs Get Jealous When You Ignore Them
A new study on the science of canine emotion
July 23, 2014

Think twice before getting Fido a companion.