Quick Lit

Lorrie Moore Is a Mash-up of Contemporary Fiction
March 08, 2014

Take the American gothic currents of Joyce Carol Oates; instill the pithy black humor of Sam Lipsyte and the absurdist instincts of George Saunders—minus the sci-fi, futuristic flourishes; add a dose of domestic macabre a la A.M. Homes; invite the open-ended poetry of Lydia Davis but mix it with the sociological precision of Jonathan Franzen, and you have something like a recipe for a Lorrie Moore story.

Don't Call Henry David Thoreau a Hermit
February 23, 2014

A new book explores the man behind the recluse in the woods.

George Eliot's Strangely Modern Life
February 21, 2014

George Eliot may have been born in the last year of George III’s reign, but her life story reads like a 1970s feminist coming-of-age tale.

John Sutherland's Little History of Literature Skims Too Lightly Over Its Subject
February 20, 2014

Would readers be better off plumbing Wikipedia?

Too Much Ambition Doesn't Always Break a Novel
February 19, 2014

The knock on Richard Powers is that his novels don’t sustain the weight of their ambitions. That's not entirely true in his latest.