The Democratic Party Isn’t as Racist as the GOP. That’s Not Saying Much.
October 02, 2015

The Democratic Party isn't as progressive as you think.

Citizens United's Legal Roots Lie in the Jim Crow Supreme Court
October 02, 2015

The justices granted corporations the very same constitutional protections that were denied black Americans.

ABC's 'Quantico' Is A Breakthrough for South Asians on TV
September 27, 2015

Priyanka Chopra is a Bollywood superstar. Will a new ABC drama whitewash her heritage?

Intersection Episode 5: It’s a Good Time to Be a Black Thinker
September 22, 2015

A growing cohort of black thinkers are redefining what it means to be a public intellectual. Listen to their voices here.

Constitutionally, Slavery Is Indeed a National Institution
September 17, 2015

A New York Times op-ed argues that the country wasn't founded on racial slavery. That couldn't be more wrong.

Cheat! It's the Only Way to Get Published.
September 14, 2015

To get published in literary magazines, most writers have no choice but to bend the rules. 

Think Out Loud
September 09, 2015

The latest generation of black thinkers has turned Twitter into its classroom.

Liberals Are Wrong to Separate Race from Class
August 28, 2015

Doing so undermines the cause of racial equality in general and the pursuit of equitable treatment in the criminal justice system in particular.

For Breitbart, It's Only a "Race Murder" If the Victims Are White
August 26, 2015

The conservative website's coverage of the live TV killing in Virginia is starkly different than of the Charlestown church massacre.

Stock Photos of Black People Are Finally Moving Beyond Racist Stereotypes
August 24, 2015

Racial stereotypes persist in stock imagery. Kenneth Wiggins is fighting back.