Raul Castro

Protocol Experts Explain How Obama Could Have Handled the Castro Handshake
December 11, 2013

Sometimes world leaders just have to have good manners.

The Obama-Castro Handshake 'Controversy' Is Unbearably Stupid
December 10, 2013

The idea that the president should not shake hands with Raul Castro, or Arafat, or any current or former antagonist of the United States, is silly beyond belief. 

Congressman Bill Delahunt of Massachusetts: Pompous, Pretentious, Ineffective. Going The Way Of Martha Coakley. Or Worse.
March 01, 2010

Republican Scott Brown beat Democrat Martha Coakley by five points in the senatorial contest to succeed Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts. But, in William Delahunt’s congressional district, Brown beat the lady by 20 points. This was not good news for Delahunt, not good news at all. He’s serving his seventh House term in a state delegation that is all Democratic (which, alas, it won’t be come Election Day 2010). The tenth C.D. has been Democratic since Gerry Studds won it in the seventies, and Studds held the seat for nearly a quarter-century.

People Hate Congress
February 19, 2010

Matthew Yglesias points out that Republicans in Congress, with only 28% approval, score lower approval ratings than Russia or even Cuba. Aside from the obvious apples-to-oranges problem -- I seriously doubt more Americans would prefer to be governed by Vladimir Putin or Raul Castro than John Boehner -- he fails to note that the same poll finds Congressional Democrats with the exact same 28% rating.

Fidel To Raul, Brother To Brother, Dictator To Dictator, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly
July 15, 2009

Here and there in America, you'll still find a Fidelista or two consoling each other in the imagined achievements of the revolution. It is a certain form of political Alzheimer's: recalling only what they want to remember. But Fidel's gaunt and haggard face, eerily reminiscent of the visage of Kim Jong Il, tells us that the hope died long ago and that it was murdered not by the U.S.