Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Can Turkish Multiculturalism Survive the Islamic State?
October 09, 2014

The answer will have repercussions well beyond its borders.

Water Cannons on Taksim Square
June 16, 2013

On Saturday night, police move the protesters out. Across the river the next day, the Prime Minister holds a rally.

Erdogan's Politics of Polarization
June 11, 2013

Why is Turkey's prime minister acting so divisive in the face of the Istanbul protests? Because he benefits from antagonizing the protesters

Scenes from the Gezi Park Protests
June 04, 2013

The Turkish protests are about secularism. But they're also about money, gentrification, democracy, and the last bits of open space in Istanbul.

From Hardliner to Peacemaker: Will Erdogan End Turkey's Thirty Year War With the Kurds?
January 24, 2013

As his time as prime minister heads to a close, he seems to have transformed himself yet again: The hardliner has become a peacemaker.

The End of the Forty-Year Peace Between Israel and Arab States
December 04, 2012

Yes, Israel just enjoyed 40 years of peace. No longer.

Turkey's Prime Minister Wants War in Syria. Turks Don't.
October 18, 2012

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan talks tough when it comes to Syria -- and Turkish liberals are pushing back.

Will Syria’s Sectarian Divisions Spill Over Into Turkey?
April 14, 2012

Observers of the growing humanitarian crisis in Syria are increasingly worried that the conflict will turn into sectarian struggle, and with good reason: The Assad regime has enjoyed overwhelming support among Syria’s minority Alawite population while the country’s Sunni majority is leading the anti-Assad rebellion. But the conflict poses another risk.

Not Fade Away
January 11, 2012

Before 2013 begins, catch up on the best of 2012. From now until the New Year, we will be re-posting some of The New Republic’s most thought-provoking pieces of the year.

TNR On the Most Overlooked Stories of 2011
December 29, 2011

Lawrence Kaplan: America’s Silent Withdrawal From Iraq War is over.  No, really.  “Permanent” bases?  Absolutely not.  A decades-long partnership between Iraq and the United States?  With the American officials who guide the fortunes of the world’s lone superpower and who, doing violence to their word, ordered the last of U.S.