Reggie Walton

The Cheney Fallacy
May 18, 2009

Former Vice President Cheney says that President Obama's reversal of Bush-era terrorism policies endangers American security. The Obama administration, he charges, has "moved to take down a lot of those policies we put in place that kept the nation safe for nearly eight years from a follow-on terrorist attack like 9/11." Many people think Cheney is scare-mongering and owes President Obama his support or at least his silence. But there is a different problem with Cheney's criticisms: his premise that the Obama administration has reversed Bush-era policies is largely wrong.

Quote Of The Day
June 14, 2007

"The submission was not something I would expect from a first-year in law school. It was submitted for the sole purpose of throwing their names out there." --Judge Reggie Walton, commenting on a legal brief filed on behalf of Scooter Libby by Robert Bork, Alan Dershowitz, and ten other prominent law professors. P.S. This isn't the first time Walton has talked smack about this brief. As Ana Marie Cox noted, when Walton agreed to accept the brief, he included this very snarky footnote. P.P.S.