Climate Change Is Hurting Poor Countries Right Now. Why Won't Rich Countries Act?
November 04, 2014

This is the sad truth about global warming: No one will do anything until they personally feel its effects. 

This Beautiful Bird Might Thwart the Oil and Gas Industry's Drilling Plans
November 01, 2014

Behold, the beautiful bird that might start a great war.

Oil Prices Are Dropping. Will We Turn Into Gas-Guzzling, Energy Monsters Again?
October 22, 2014

It's not going to be the 1970s all over again.

Our Planet Is Going to Blow Past the "Two Degrees" Climate Limit
October 09, 2014

And this is what you can expect once that happens.

The Oil v. Coal Showdown Is Going to the Next Level
October 03, 2014

Oil is blaming coal for climate problems. Coal's still trucking along. What a mess.

Obama's Climate Plan Will Only Reduce Global Emissions by 1%
June 02, 2014

Advocates of a federal push to cut U.S. emissions have claimed it would prod developing countries to do even more. Now comes the test.

The Truth About Stanford's Coal Divestment
May 22, 2014

It's not as groundbreaking as they made it sound

The Climate Change Report Is Full of Scientific Equivocations
May 08, 2014

We know the climate is changing globally. We don't really know what will happen in your town.

The Politics of Climate Change Stink. That's Why 'Think Globally, Act Locally' Is Back
April 21, 2014

This Earth Day, it seems environmental politicking has come full circle

The Proportion of Young Americans Who Drive Has Plummeted—And No One Knows Why
March 12, 2014

Is it carshares, bikes, and revived cities? Or just a lousy economy and expensive gas?