Richard Blumenthal

CT Senate Debate: Is It Too Late To Pick Another Candidate?
October 04, 2010

For a while I've been wondering how the Senate race in Connecticut could stay so remarkably close for so long. Isn't this a deep-blue state? Wasn't Attorney General Richard Blumenthal supposed to be a popular Democrat? And his conservative opponent, Linda McMahon, isn't she the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment? Seriously? Political scientists would no doubt point to economic fundamentals: Unemployment in Connecticut is 9.4 percent, and voters are pissed off about it.

What Richard Blumenthal, Stanley Fish, and Abe Foxman Have In Common
May 19, 2010

For Richard Blumenthal to claim that he has been “misspeaking” in implying that he fought in Vietnam rather than obtaining multiple deferments and finally waiting things out in the Marine Reserves right here at home is repulsive. I am not exactly the first one out of the gate on that. However, he is also using language in the same way a great many Americans do when doing what they think of as The Right Thing. And as speakers of English always have – as well as speakers of any human language.

The Coming GOP Wave
May 03, 2010

Steve Lombardo at surveys the good political news for Republicans. There's a lot of it: We are in one of the longest sustained periods of voter dissatisfaction in modern history. Except for a few weeks in the spring of 2009, perceptions of the direction of the country have been strongly "wrong track" since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. That is seven years. The only comparable period is 1973-1983. This helps explain why we are in the middle of a third successive "change" election. Moreover, trust in government to do what is right is at an all-time low.

The Democrats Won't Lose Dodd's Senate Seat
January 08, 2010

Of course, had Chris Dodd run for re-election, he would have lost. And, frankly, just on the merits, he would have deserved to lose. He is a corrupt but ethically pretentious man. And, just think, he aspired to be president of the United States. The reason his seat won’t be lost to the Democrats is because Richard Blumenthal, the attorney general of Connecticut, is running to be his successor. Even from afar, Blumenthal is an impressive politician.

Dorgan! Dodd! Democrats! D'oh!
January 07, 2010

WASHINGTON -- A politically shrewd Senate Democratic staff member chatting about the future of health care negotiations stopped in midsentence late Tuesday afternoon as news flashed across his computer screen. "My God," he said. "Byron Dorgan is retiring." It was a thunderclap moment in the politics of 2010, an unfortunate twist for Democrats already looking at a difficult election year.