Richard Branson

Eric Schmidt: Silicon Valley's Only Grownup Wants to Have Fun Too
January 11, 2013

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt was always the "adult in the room." Now he's letting loose.

Lemurs: How Did They Evolve?
April 20, 2011

Richard Branson is back in the news this week: After unveiling a deep-sea exploration vehicle earlier this month, he has announced plans to import lemurs to his Caribbean islands. (Yes, that's "islands" plural. He's quite wealthy, you know.) "Lemurs are found only on the African island of Madagascar and many species are threatened, largely because of deforestation," reports the BBC, "The threat has grown worse since the toppling of President Marc Ravalomanana's government two years ago, which allowed illegal logging to flourish.

Richard Branson's Secret: Talent or Skills?
April 06, 2011

This week, British entrepreneur Richard Branson unveiled his latest gadget: a winged submarine that he and others will pilot to the deepest parts of the world's oceans, including the Marinas Trench. And earlier today, he became the first person to truthfully tweet, "My other ride's a spaceship." An enviable life, to say the least, which leaves aspiring entrepreneurs asking: is entrepreneurship a natural or acquired ability? Innate, says Olmo Silva of the London School of Economics.

Washington Diarist
October 09, 2006

Will the rich save the world? This has not been their traditional service to humankind; but in contemporary America you may be forgiven for believing in the messianic power of personal wealth. We are still enjoying the economicist fantasy that was inaugurated by technology in the Clinton years and consolidated by ideology in the Bush years. Could it be that the rich did not previously save the world because they were not rich enough? But they are rich enough now, right? I do not mean to be too clever.