Rick Perry

Post-Compassionate Conservatism
June 22, 2011

Rich Lowry smartly holds up uncompassionate conservative Rick Perry as evidence of the  Republican Party's rightward lurch post George W. Bush: The backlash against Bush has long been brewing. Compassionate conservatism was a product of the moment when Bush began to run for president in the late 1990s. The congressional wing of the party had immolated itself in the government-shutdown fights and then the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Rick Perry: Why His Texas Record Is Much Worse Than You Think
June 21, 2011

Between speeches in Los Angeles, New York and New Orleans, Rick Perry is doing his best to keep people guessing if and when he’ll throw his (ten-gallon) hat into the GOP presidential primary. When the Texas governor appeared last Tuesday on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” the conservative Fox News host was already gushing over the hundreds of thousands of new jobs created in Texas in the past two years. When Cavuto asked how Perry had lured Carl’s Jr. restaurants to Texas, the governor flashed a trademark smile. “They love the smell of freedom,” he explained.

Rick Perry: Why He’s Not the Man to Save the GOP
June 17, 2011

With the first major 2012 Republican presidential candidates’ debate over with, and the Iowa State GOP Straw Poll less than two months away, the window for additional candidates to emerge and strengthen a shallow field is rapidly narrowing.

Chait vs. Cohn: Romney Edition
June 02, 2011

On Thursday, Mitt Romney is officially announcing his run for the White House. TNR senior editors and bloggers Jonathan Chait and Jonathan Cohn have both written extensively about Romney’s looming presidential bid: Chait has been pessimistic, keeping a “Romney Death Watch’’ on his blog, while Cohn thinks Mitt is in pretty good political shape. Today, we’ve asked Chait and Cohn if we can take a peek at a head-to-head e-mail conversation they’re having about Romney’s chances.

Don’t Draft Rick Perry
May 25, 2011

With Mitch Daniels officially out of the race, Haley Barbour and Mike Huckabee now a distant after-thought, and Newt Gingrich’s campaign running on fumes, pundits of all political stripes are finding it hard to shake a persistent belief that there’s a gaping hole in the Republican presidential field. Indeed, the most frequent theme that keeps cropping up in smart analysis of the current state of play is that the contest cries out for a late-entering, credible southern candidate.

All The President's Hor D'Oeurves
April 27, 2011

A huge, huge announcement, per Mike Allen's Playbook, about Politico's plans to participate in, cover, and generally win the White House Correspondents Association annual bacchanalia: POLITICO UNVEILS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS’ DINNER GUEST LIST, EVENT DETAILS AND COVERAGE PLANS -- Some guest highlights: Musician John Legend; Texas Gov. Rick Perry; designer Tory Burch; Rep. Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin, top aide to Secretary of State Clinton; comedian Joan Rivers; financier T.

Rick Perry, Man Of Science
April 22, 2011

I've always assumed that at some point, the Republican Party will accept the legitimacy of climate science.

The Fred Thompson Effect
April 14, 2011

By now, it should be obvious that anyone hoping party insiders will draft a Jeb Bush or Chris Christie or Rick Perry to rescue the lackluster Republican 2012 field from itself is living in a hopeless fantasyland. But in case you need even more evidence, consider this: Dark-horse candidates who aren’t fully committed to running for president, deep within their bones, have a terrible track record of misfires and flameouts. We need look no further back than 2008 for a vivid historical example.

Why GOP Governors Should Love Medicaid
March 08, 2011

Republicans governors have spent a lot of time lately beating up on Medicaid--threatening to drop out of the program altogether or, at the very least, lobbying for more flexibility over how to manage the program within their states. Harold Pollack, writing for TNR, wonders whether they’ve thought through the implications for politics as well as policy:  Consider what would happen if Texas governor Rick Perry, who has mused about dropping Medicaid entirely, could do what he wanted. Talking about dropping Medicaid might attract attention for Perry’s new book.

Blocked Off
March 07, 2011

Republican governors came to Washington recently with a pretty clear message on Medicaid: Cut the program or, better still, let us cut it on our own. At first glance, their arguments seem compelling. Medicaid, the joint federal-state program that provides health insurance for low-income and disabled Americans, costs states a lot of money. The poor economy creates new demands on Medicaid at the precise moment that states face the weakest revenues to support such programs.