Roger Ailes

How Roger Ailes Plays Hardball—And Keeps His Hands Clean
January 14, 2014

There is lots of evidence that Fox News' Roger Ailes orchestrated a concerted conservative attempt to try to discredit his biographer.

Here's Why There's No Liberal Roger Ailes
January 14, 2014

A new biography of Fox News honcho Roger Ailes helps explain why there is no liberal equivalent to him, and why liberals maybe should be happy about that.

The Four Funniest Bits from the New Roger Ailes Bio
January 12, 2014

The Fox News honcho once ordered 3 entire pages of food from a room service menu.

Roger Ailes Is Not That Powerful
January 12, 2014

We know more details than ever about how vile the Fox boss is. Yet we keep overstating his power. 

The Ten Oddest Things in the New Roger Ailes Book
March 20, 2013

He's not a bleeding heart, but... Ailes suffered from hemophilia and almost died after he bit his tongue as a pre-schooler. His father rushed him to a hospital sixty miles away.

Roger Ailes's Border War
February 11, 2013

The Fox News CEO wants more Latino viewers. His employees don’t seem to agree.

Current TV's New Owners Don't Need Ratings: They Have Money
January 04, 2013

After years of trying, Al Jazeera has finally bought a seat at the cable-television negotiating table.

GOPocalypse: A Guide to Republican Purges
December 06, 2012

Who's trashing whom on the right? Here's a handy guide to post-election GOP recrimination.

Mad Murdoch Maligns Mousy Mitt
August 24, 2012

What's behind Rupert Murdoch's mistrust of Romney?

Crazy People Are Everywhere
April 18, 2011

Gawker's story on Fox News president Roger Ailes has to be read to be believed. The basic story is that Ailes purchased the little newspaper of the small town in upstate New York where he planned to live. He then cleaned out its editor and hand-picked Joe Lindsley, a young editorial assistant from the Weekly Standard, to run it is a Fox News-style propaganda organ and took a strangely intense interest in its operation. Then the story gets really weird: Ailes confronted the three staffers and accused them of badmouthing him and Elizabeth during their lunch breaks.