Roseanne Barr

Where’s Roseanne? A Dispatch from the Green Party Convention
July 16, 2012

At first glance, Ursula Rozum, who has curly hair and a pierced nose, seems more like your average late-twenties hipster than a congressional candidate. But Rozum was in Baltimore this past weekend to promote her run for Congress in New York—and to support Roseanne Barr as the next president of the United States. While Roseanne’s candidacy may seem like a joke to some, it’s no laughing matter here in Baltimore’s Holiday Inn ballroom, home to the Green Party’s national convention.

There are Other Third Party Candidates, You Know
May 17, 2012

The recent failure of Americans Elect—the group spent $35 million, but it still couldn’t find a candidate—has removed next November’s most prominent third-party prospect. But for those who don’t want to vote for Obama or Romney, don’t worry: You still have options. In fact, those two candidates account for under a quarter of the people running for president this election cycle. There’s the guy running on a platform of prohibition, and the one campaigning on a strict interpretation of the founding fathers. Then there’s Roseanne Barr.