“Don't Shoot! I'll Put the Animals Back! Please!”
October 06, 2015

The dramatic tale of a flash flood that killed hundreds of animals at a zoo in post-Soviet Georgia.

On Russia, Donald Trump’s Bluster Is No Match for Putin
September 16, 2015

President Obama's Russian sanctions have cost Putin dearly. Trump's opposition is unfounded, idiotic, and wrong. 

Have You Been Hacked? Take This Quiz to Find Out.
July 14, 2015

Are you a PlayStation gamer? Target shopper? Federal employee?

Love in the Time of Putin
March 27, 2015

Lyudmila and Natasha: Russia Lives is an intimate portrait of a relationship in a politically-fraught country.

The Crime of the Century
March 04, 2015

One year after Russia's smash-and-grab, the world has all but conceded Crimea to Vladimir Putin.

What Boris Nemtsov's Assassination Says About Putin's Climate of Fear
March 02, 2015

In Russia, publicly opposing Putin is still incredibly dangerous. 

The Oscar-Nominated Film Hollywood Loves, But the Russian Government Hates
February 08, 2015

Oscar-nominated 'Leviathan' shows the Russian state from the perspective of those trapped inside it.

The U.S. Should Arm Ukraine—But Not Because This War Is Winnable
February 06, 2015

If enough Russians die in battle, the tide of public opinion will turn.

Even Vladimir Putin's Authoritarian Allies Are Fed Up With Russia's Crumbling Economy
January 18, 2015

It's “kind of like a party where no one wants to be, like one of those awful family lunches.”

Russian Jets Are Flying Under the Radar and Endangering Civilian Airplanes
January 11, 2015

An alarming number of Russian military planes are flying through international airspace with their transponders turned off.