Sarah Palin

Real Americans Have Big Families
September 08, 2008

This weekend, as a friend sat paging through the National Enquirer story about Sarah Palin, she noted that, these days, a stable nuclear family consisting of two parents with only one or two kids--once considered the traditional ideal--is now often regarded as elitist or blue-stateish.

Why Palin Scares Me
September 08, 2008

Before I get to that, let me explain what I'm not scared of, which is that Palin has somehow altered the demographics of the race. I have a hard time believing that female Hillary supporters, or Rust Belt men, are suddenly racing to support McCain because of Palin. For one thing, vice presidential nominees almost never attract demographic groups that the nominee can't attract on his own. People vote for the top of the ticket, not the bottom. More importantly, if that historical pattern somehow broke down this year, it would probably hurt the GOP ticket more than it would help.

Watch Out, Russia: Sarah Palin Is Coming!
September 08, 2008

Charles Homans is an editor at The Washington Monthly, and previously worked as the only reporter based in the Aleutian Islands. Two summers ago, I spent a week and a half on a Coast Guard ship that was patrolling the waters off Alaska's Aleutian Islands. The man who slept in the next bunk over from mine was the ship's Russian linguist, a Marine lance corporal; while other Marines he knew had been sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, he was deployed to the Bering Sea. Every once in a while, a Russian fishing boat would appear on the boat's radar, and the Coasties would have to board and inspect it.

The Mccain Bounce Or The Palin Bounce?
September 08, 2008

In sizing up yesterday's tracking polls, which show McCain getting a nice bump out of his convention, Nate writes that "we should probably expect this bounce to get bigger before it gets smaller." That's probably right. After all, tracking polls like Gallup typically combine three nights of polling--yesterday's number reflected Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

No "cat Fights"
September 07, 2008

I have been asked repeatedly over the last several days to respond to the idea that Hillary Clinton will soon be dispatched by the Obama campaign to "take Palin on." The questions are fair, but what undergirds them is an obsession in our popular culture with the "cat fight," an offensive term that describes the spectacle of two well known women fighting with one another.On the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth discuss punching and scratching one another.  Over the weekend it was Oprah Winfrey vs Sarah Palin.  Some are so eager for a fight that one well

A Star Had Already Been Born
September 05, 2008

The right-wing love affair with Sarah Palin, explained.

Today's Polls: Mcmentum-palindemonium
September 05, 2008

You can all stop hyperventilating now.After yesterday's polls showed little sign of Republican momentum, today's polls -- which incorporate reaction to Sarah Palin's speech for the first time -- now show some bounce toward John McCain.

Palin, Biden Less Popular Than Cheney
September 05, 2008

How popular is Sarah Palin? So popular that she's almost as well regarded as the original baller, Dick Cheney, at the time he was rolled out as the Republican VP nominee in 2000.There are three fresh favorability polls on Sarah Palin that were conducted in whole or on part since her speech to the Republican Convention on Wednesday. These are from Rasmussen, ABC News and Diageo/Hotline, respectively.

The Gop Wages A Two Front War
September 05, 2008

Alan Brinkley--who is the provost and a professor of history at Columbia University, as well as a National Book Award-winning author--will be writing for us throughout the Republican convention.     There was a back-to-the-future quality to this year's Republican convention, at no time more so than on the last night.

Post-convention Six Pack: Palin, Petroleum, And P.o.w.
September 05, 2008

1. No, You First. Did the Republicans benefit from having the last convention? It's not like their convention was responsive, substance-wise, to much of what the Democrats had to say. But, had the Democrats gone last, they would probably have had an easier time undercutting what the Republicans had to say, highlighting the lack of real policy meat (especially on the economy) and the lack of real differentiation from Bush.