Cutting Rubio: The Publishing Angle
June 19, 2012

Be glad you aren’t Sentinel HC, the wingnut subsidiary of Penguin. Today it’s publishing Marco Rubio’s new memoir, An American Son. That makes it just about the worst possible time for Romney aides to confirm that Rubio is not being vetted (and therefore is unlikely to be considered) for the vice-presidential slot. A whole lot of copies of Rubio’s book are thereby consigned to the remainder bin.

Are U.S. and U.N. Officials Ignoring New Evidence of Atrocities in Sudan?
July 23, 2011

Sudan seems to bring out a perverse diffidence in both the Obama administration and the international community. This is especially clear in their response to a growing body of evidence that atrocities are being committed in South Kordofan, a border state in what is now Northern Sudan. Indeed, the more proof that accumulates about the targeted destruction of the African Nuba people, the less the White House and the U.N. seem inclined either to speak out forcefully or to announce a course of action. U.S.

Crash Course
November 07, 2005

The danger of consumer-driven health care.