Sepp Blatter

After Blatter, FIFA May Get Worse Before It Gets Better
June 03, 2015

Where does international soccer go from here? 

The Matches Have Been Excellent So Far. But Could FIFA's Corruption Make This the Last World Cup?
June 15, 2014

By awarding the next two World Cups to Russia and Qatar, Sepp Blatter and his enablers may have marked the end of an era. 

TNR’s World Cup Bracket Update
July 09, 2010

To those of you who chose to participate in TNR’s World Cup bracket (and there were over 370 of you), I have an important announcement: I am in (joint possession of) the lead. No foul play, no backchannel communications with Sepp Blatter, no Italian match fixing scandal—as your commissioner, you have my word. Hovering within striking distance of the leaders, I merely felt the winds shift in favor of Germany and chose Spain.

Aleksandar Hemon's Best and Worst
July 08, 2010

Best Player: Xavi, but not without Busquets. While Xavi orchestrates plays and controls the rhythm like no one I've ever seen, with a patience and precision of a miniature painter, none of it would be possible without Busquets. Busquets gets the ball, passes it to Xavi who passes it on to Iniesta or someone else, forever available--and they do that hundreds of times each game, over and over again, and everyone knows they will do it and they do it still.

Football for All
July 04, 2010

On the way home from Johannesburg, I picked up a copy of the Mail & Guardian, which calls itself “Africa’s Best Read.” Here’s the headline on the lead story that day: “Danny Jordaan’s brother cashes in on 2010.” The newspaper reported that a company controlled by Andrew Jordaan, brother of the head of the local organizing committee, is being paid around $15,000 a month by the World Cup’s official “hospitality-services” provider to serve as a “liaison” in one of the host cities. He also happened to own a share of a consortium that built one of the World Cup stadiums.