Lust for Learning
September 07, 2015

The vulnerabilities of a college's most fragile members shouldn't be the benchmark for everyone else’s sexual choices.

Freezing Offices Are Just the Beginning of Sexist Workplace Norms
August 10, 2015

Some norms can't be solved with a Snuggie—like unequal professional dress codes.

Gender Bias Plagues Academia, Especially in STEM

Sexism plays a big role in hiring decisions at America's universities.

I Don’t Want to Be an Excuse for Racist Violence Anymore
June 22, 2015

We can’t talk about Charleston without talking about white women. Because Dylann Roof did.

How to Rid the Science Lab of Sexism
June 15, 2015

No matter what a Nobel Prize-winning scientist says about women in the lab, it doesn’t help to suggest segregating them—even in jest.

The Marginalization of Women in Mainstream Country Music
June 02, 2015

To succeed in the genre, you just have to be a guy who likes staring at women.

Forget Staying Beautiful. Women Should Aspire to Eternal Coolness.
April 27, 2015

Chloë Sevigny, Patti Smith, and Kim Gordon get it.

Hillary Clinton Needs to Be More Fake
April 08, 2015

The hunt for an authentic Hillary Clinton has been going on for more than a decade, but she’s actually very easy to find. She lives on YouTube.

Your Sense of Humor Doesn't Have to Match Your Politics
April 06, 2015

It’s possible to laugh and squirm—or to laugh and disapprove—at the same time.

A Biology Professor Mansplains Why Women Are Superior. No Thanks.
April 01, 2015

"Women do cry more easily," he writes. "But life on this planet isn’t threatened by women’s tears."