Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown Should Challenge Hillary Clinton for President
November 20, 2014

Why the senator from Ohio is a better bet than Elizabeth Warren.

Tea Party Populism Is Dead. The GOP Is Back in Bed With Wall Street.
October 30, 2014

Big banks are preparing for a big party next week.

Financial Reform Is About to Catch a Second Wind
November 21, 2013

"Too Big To Fail" is in real trouble. It's about time.

These Three Democrats Could Torpedo Larry Summers's Nomination
September 09, 2013

It has become glaringly obvious over the past couple months that President Obama wants to nominate Larry Summers to become the next chair of the Federal Reserve.

Regulatory Rockstar
April 18, 2013

Elizabeth Warren is using her Senate seat to grill those who let the big banks off the hook.

Welcome to Another Golden Era of Liberal Senators
January 08, 2013

The liberal bloc of the Senate today is up there with the early 1960s and mid-'70s.

Who Will Tell The People?
May 22, 2012

It’s been heartening to see a broad response to the disclosure, deep within the magazine’s new cover story on the Ohio political landscape, that the FBI is investigating questionable donations by employees of a direct-marketing company in Canton, Ohio to the campaigns of Republicans Josh Mandel, the state treasurer challenging Sen. Sherrod Brown, and Rep. Jim Renacci, who is running against Rep. Betty Sutton in a newly configured House district.

The Battleground
May 18, 2012

Lodge 141 of the Fraternal Order of Police is housed, along with 446 jail cells, inside the Mahoning County Justice Center, a forbidding brick and steel hulk at the edge of the frayed downtown of Youngstown, Ohio. It’s a humble office, but its proprietors have embellished it with a number of rather pointed political decorations.

Preventative Measures
May 21, 2010

Have we finally fixed the 'too big to fail' problem?

November Prediction: Pain
May 06, 2010

A Gallup poll shows that the enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats seems to be narrowing: Jonathan Bernstein cites this as one reason why I might be too bearish on the Democrats' midterm prospects. Well, maybe.