Sinbad's Big Disclosure
March 25, 2008

  I love this graf at the end of today's New York Times piece on the Tuzla flap: Sinbad challenged her account of sniper fire soon after he heard it more than a week ago, saying the scariest part of the trip for him was wondering where the next meal would come from. Sinbad is supporting Senator Barack Obama for president. As though that's the only reason you might question Sinbad's credibility as a source... --Noam Scheiber

March 17, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, the comedian Sinbad, a Barack Obama supporter, took a swipe at Hillary Clinton, noting that he and Sheryl Crow were with her on the 1996 Bosnia trip she's been touting as a central element of her foreign policy experience, and claiming it was neither as important nor as harrowing as she's described it. Now, Clinton swiped back at Sinbad, pointing out that "He's a comedian, you know"--and, as such, presumably not someone to take too seriously. I'll go even further than Clinton, noting that Sinbad is a bad comedian.

The Historian as Hero
October 08, 2001

The Light of the Eyes By Azariah de’Rossi Translated and annotated by Joanna Weinberg (Yale University Press, 802 pp., $125)  For at least a few years toward the end of his life, Azariah de' Rossi believed that February 26, 747 B.C.E.