Social Media

Facebook Did Screw With You, and It Wasn’t Even Worth It
June 30, 2014

The worst part about Facebook's studying your data without your consent is that they didn't find anything interesting.

A Defense (Sort of) of Twitter
I don't tweet, but I see why some of you do
June 12, 2014

Leon Wieseltier responds to Alain de Botton's attack on Twitter.

The Smart Fan's 2014 World Cup Social Media Guide
All the feeds you need to be following, right now
June 10, 2014

All the feeds the savvy fan needs to keep up with this World Cup. 

Dear Facebook, I'm Fed Up
How social media has changed indignation
May 04, 2014

On Facebook, the letters of complaint are all addressed to no one. 

Iran Tweets, and the World Gets Way Too Excited
September 06, 2013

Maybe the Jewish New Year really has ushered in the positive change it’s supposed to represent.

The 20-Year-Old Crime That's Blowing Up on Chinese Social Media
May 04, 2013

The crime that Chinese social media just won't forget.

The Social Media Afterlives of the Tsarnaev Brothers
April 23, 2013

Long after either Tamarlan or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev last logged in, their abandoned profiles have turned into public sounding boards.

Facebooking Through Tragedy
When disaster struck nearby, I logged off Twitter for a different kind of news
April 17, 2013

When disaster struck nearby, I logged off Twitter for a different kind of news.

Up for Debate: Can Social Media Solve Real-World Problems?
February 06, 2013

Future Perfect author Steven Johnson takes Evgeny Morozov to task for his critical book review.

Why Social Movements Should Ignore Social Media
February 05, 2013

Groups like Occupy Wall Street embraced the open-source logic of the Internet as an organizing principle. It explains a lot about why movements fail.