Social Security

Why Social Security Is a Success, in Four Charts
August 14, 2015

Happy birthday to America's biggest and best welfare program.

Would Republicans Support the Americans with Disabilities Act Today?
July 27, 2015

The law passed at a time when Republicans weren’t unanimously opposed to using federal power in service of the common good.

Social Security Could Decide Who Controls Congress
July 30, 2014

By attacking Social Security Disability Insurance specifically, Republicans seem to think they can start dismantling the whole of Social Security without openly targeting it.

Here's One Reason We Need Immigrants
July 28, 2014

Without them, the population of children in this country would be shrinking

The Ultimate, Definitive Guide to the Budget Deficit
July 16, 2014

Step 1: Stop worrying about it so much.

Millennials Got Hammered by the Great Recession. Retirement Will Hurt Even More.
June 05, 2014

A new report shows that they are unprepared for retirement.

Democrats Should Read Marco Rubio's Social Security Plan. There's a Lot to Like.
May 16, 2014

Liberals have been quiet on the issue. Given Rubio's new plan, they can’t afford to be much longer.

Obama is Showing Some Guts on the Budget. Don't Celebrate Just Yet.
February 21, 2014

Chained CPI, his silly 2013 concession to Washington, is far from dead