St. Petersburg Times

Politifact is getting a ton of grief from the left today. And deservedly so. The independent fact-checking organization has selected, as its "lie of the year," the claim that House Republicans want to “kill” or “end” Medicare. Like Steve Benen and Paul Krugman, I think Politifact got this one very, very wrong. And that's no small matter: It's the lead story, with a massive headline, on the front page of today's St.


[Guest post by James Downie] Quote of the day, from the St. Petersburg Times: We tried to coax [Florida State Democratic chairman Rod] Smith, [Alex] Sink's running mate in 2010, into discussing mistakes made in that campaign, but he wouldn't bite: "After the election, I sat down with my consultants, and their names were John Walker, James Beam and Jose Cuervo, my Hispanic consultant. When I finished with them I was done with that consultation." Neither constitutional adviser Samuel Adams nor naval attache Captain Morgan were available for comment.

From the St. Petersburg Times: Crist has previously denied he's thinking about running as an independent, and on Wednesday he brushed off the question. "I'm focused on the session," the governor said. "I'm focused on these bills that are pending and coming up shortly. That's where my focus is, there will be time for other things later." This is best translated as "yes." Update: Or maybe not: To put these rumors to rest once and for all, as we have said countless times before, Gov. Crist is running for the United States Senate as a Republican.


Former Dick Cheney aid Cesar Conda has a post at National Review announcing that he has switched his loyalties in the Florida Senate race from Charlie Crist, once seen as the prohibitive favorite, to Marco Rubio, conservative darling and now all-but-inevitable Republican nominee: Last May, I wrote about why I thought Florida governor Charlie Crist was an acceptable fiscal conservative (the Cato Institute had given him an "A" on its Fiscal Policy Report Card) and why I believed he gave Republicans the best chance to retain Florida's U.S. Senate seat.