Supreme Court

Lethal Entanglements
May 19, 2015

Lethal injection was supposed to be a cleaner, more humane version of capital punishement. Instead, this happened.

Charles Murray and the Right's Plan to Subvert Democracy
May 18, 2015

Why so many of the right's plans for conservative reform run through the courts.

Supreme Court Conservatives Accuse Death Penalty Opponents of “Guerrilla War”
A case about a lethal injection drug turns into a debate about capital punishment itself
April 29, 2015

A case about one lethal injection drug turns into a debate about capital punishment itself.

Why the Lethal Injection Drug Debated by the Supreme Court Today Is Unconstitutional
April 29, 2015

As used in Oklahoma’s execution procedure, lethal injection unquestionably creates an “objectively intolerable risk of harm.”

The Supreme Court Just Checked Cops' Power to Extend Traffic Stops
April 22, 2015

In post-Ferguson America, there’s just no other section of the Constitution that matters more than the Fourth Amendment.

Why Hillary Clinton's Campaign Frightens Democrats
April 10, 2015

She's the single point of failure for the entire party.

The Menendez Case Proves the Supreme Court Was Naive About Campaign Finance Laws
April 02, 2015

The Citizens United decision looks even more ridiculous now.

Is Ted Cruz Writing the Script to His Own Obamacare Horror Story?
April 01, 2015

Maybe he thinks the Supreme Court won't gut the law. Or maybe he's hoping it will, so he has a good story for the campaign trail.

Ted Cruz Is Signing Up for Obamacare. That's Not Hypocritical, But It Is Heartless.
March 25, 2015

There is a story here—just not the one his critics think.