Obama Was Wrong. The Era of Humanitarian Intervention Is Not Over.
August 27, 2014 8:00 PM

Obama thought he could end humanitarian intervention. He was momentously wrong.

Bashar Al Assad Is Laying a Deadly Ambush for Obama in Syria
August 26, 2014

In this case, the enemy of our enemy is NOT our friend.

Why I Decided War Reporting Was No Longer Worth the Risk
August 26, 2014

"This wasn’t my country, it wasn’t my war, and now I would die for it in a horrible way."

This Is What Wannabe Jihadists Order on Amazon Before Leaving for Syria
August 22, 2014

And what that tells us about radicalization.

History's Lesson for the Middle East: When Superpowers Leave, Stability Doesn't Follow
August 22, 2014

History provides a sobering lesson about western involvement in the Middle East. It is that, when superpowers drift away, peace, progress, moderation and stability do not necessarily follow in their stead. 

This Is Not a Horror Movie. This Is a Public Hospital in Syria.
August 14, 2014

Barrel bombs are inflicing tremendous damage on Aleppo and its citizens.

Is This the Obama Doctrine?
The president has set a very high bar for preventing genocide
August 11, 2014

Is this the Obama Doctrine? 

ISIL Could Become the Voice of Sunnis If We Don't Find a Way to Stop It Soon
August 11, 2014

Without more support, terrified Sunnis will feel they have no other choice. 

How to Save Iraq
This is the best, or the least bad, solution to the current crisis

This is the best, or the least bad, solution to the current crisis.