Syria Civil War

There Will Be No Syrian Solution Until the Shelling Stops
September 18, 2013

"Government forces continued to rely on heavy and often indiscriminate firepower to target areas they were unwilling or unable to recapture through ground operations.

Obama Steps Back from the Syria Brink
September 11, 2013

Barack Obama’s speech on Syria had a peculiar structure.

John Kerry Says Syria's Moderate Rebels Are Rising. Here Is Why You Should Be Skeptical.
September 08, 2013

When pressed during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that the goal of an American military strike against Bashar al Assad’s Syrian government would not merely be to punish him for his use of chem

Scenes from the Gezi Park Protests
June 04, 2013

The Turkish protests are about secularism. But they're also about money, gentrification, democracy, and the last bits of open space in Istanbul.

It's Time to Intervene in Syria
April 30, 2013

Red lines exist for a reason. Syria shouldn't get away with crossing one.