Tariq Ramadan

The Pathetic Dispute Over Islam and Homophobia
A defense of religion turns incoherent
May 21, 2013

A religiously-tinged argument for tolerance, like many others before it, eventually makes a case against the faith it is ostensibly promoting.

DISPUTATIONS: Darkness at Noon?
June 03, 2010

Click here to read Stephen F. Cohen's letter, and click here to read Paul Berman's original article. Perhaps I should have emphasized that Darkness at Noon is a novel, and Rubashov is a fictional character, and, as Michael Scammell has explained, Koestler based his fictional character not just on Bukharin but on other Bolsheviks, as well. And Koestler’s Rubashov confesses not just because of his ideas but because his jailers have subjected him to sleep deprivation.

Certified By The (New York) Times
May 16, 2010

Twice in two years (once in 2007 and a second time in 2008), The New York Times puts its mantle of approval on Tariq Ramadan who almost everybody on the Upper West Side saw as an innocent victim of dictatorship because the Bush administration had barred him, under provisions of the Patriot Act, from entering the United States.

The Prisoner Intellectuals
May 05, 2010

The key to understanding radical Islam and Communism? Prison culture.