The New Star Wars

Turns out The Onion's absurd top story this week ("Bush Calls for Development of National Air Conditioner") might not be very far from the truth.

Richardson's Latest

Yesterday at the Take Back America conference Bill Richardson attacked his Democratic primary opponents for supporting recent legislation on Iraq. Said Richardson: With all due respect to my Democratic colleagues ... Senators Clinton, Obama, Dodd, and Biden all voted for timeline legislation that had deliberate loopholes.

It All Depends On How You Phrase It...

While Drudge and the rest of the blogosphere are obsessing over the fact that Hillary Clinton got booed this morning, the senator's campaign can take solace in how The New York Times is hyping this article on the front page of its website: Clinton Gets Better Reception on Iraq By PATRICK HEALY There were fewer boos for Senator Clinton at today's Take Back America meeting of liberal activists than last year. It's progress... --Isaac Chotiner

Gun Control, Please
June 19, 2007

"Guns are like cellphones here." "Here" means Gaza. It is no surprise. As Cam Simpson reports in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal , most of the civilian population is terrified. And therefore also buying guns. "If you can afford a mobile you can probably afford a Kalashnikov." This is priced roughly at $1,400. You buy guns before you buy milk. Anyway, this is a fascinatingly detailed story, like the WSJ really does well. Read it... and weep.

Who Cares Who's For Whom?
June 17, 2007

I CONFESS. I didn't know who Darryl McDaniels was until I read an article about his political opinions in this week's New York Observer. I am not exactly sure that I know now either. But, to put other rap illiterates in the neighborhood like me, he's the founder of Run-D.M.C., which the weekly paper for the rich Upper East Side characterizes as "the immortal, pioneering rap group [that] ... smashed Billboard records with songs like 'Walk This Way,' 'Raising Hell' and 'My Adidas'." Wow! As I said, I didn't know any of this.

Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean Michael Moore Isn't A Marketing Genius
June 15, 2007

Advertising Age is reporting that a pirated copy of Michael Moore's new movie Sicko has turned up on the Internet and is now easily viewable for free. The article goes on to say that Moore, and his distributor, The Weinstein Company, have every film maker's worst marketing nightmare on their hands--how to persuade people to go to the theater to see a show that's available free on the Internet. I don't know. Doesn't this sort of thing actually help Moore's marketing plan--by generating even more free press for his film?

You Don't Need A Hollywood Producer To Know Which Way The Wind Blows
June 13, 2007

Or maybe you do. Is it significant that Steven Spielberg has endorsed Hillary Clinton? The Clinton camp certainly seems to think so. The endorsement announcement is on the front page of her exploratory committee's website. --Jason Zengerle

June 12, 2007

King Abdullah of Jordan and President Mubarak of Egypt today issued a joint statement calling on Israel to enter peace talks with the Palestinians. Why do these guys crank out this nonsense? There truly are no Palestinians with whom to talk. Perhaps the Arab world hasn't noticed. But there is a civil war going on in Gaza, and it started basically right after the Saudi government cobbled together a Palestinian regime that was itself a deceit. In any case, the butchery in Gaza continues.

You Dropped A Bomb On Me
June 12, 2007

This defies words.

Podhoretz Watch
June 12, 2007

Over at The Corner, John Podhoretz lays out his "12 Commitments to Corner Readers." Item number ten reads:"I will throw a party for one of the bloggers at the New Republic when he turns five on his next birthday." Ha! Now, just for a moment, wipe the tears streaming down your face, sit up straight, and try to maintain composure in the face of this comic barrage. Good.