Was the U.S. Team the Victim of Anti-Americanism?
June 18, 2010

Every fan is a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Every outcome can be chalked up (unjustly) to poor judgment or prejudice on the part of the referee. If the U.S. wanted to insure themselves against such a fate, they could have learned from their match against England and played with urgency from the first whistle. Torres could have tucked back and picked up Birsa rushing on to score the first goal. Demerit and Onyewu could have communicated to keep Ljubijankic offsides on the second.

The Shaman
March 22, 2004

ONE EVENING LAST OCTOBER, Mark Fisher, a nineteen-year-old student at Fairfield University in Connecticut, who had gone into Manhattan with friends, met a girl in a bar on First Avenue on the Upper East Side, got separated from his group, and was found dead the next morning on a Brooklyn sidewalk, his body wrapped in a yellow blanket, five gunshot wounds in his chest. According to a long article in The New York Times, Fisher's case remains unsolved mostly because no one who was with him that night seemed to want to tell the police everything that they knew.