Tracy Morgan

Hell on Wheels
June 14, 2014

Bad trucking laws are making America's roadways too deadly.

Tracy Morgan: The Latest Example in a Troubling Homophobic Trend
June 14, 2011

The sad thing about Tracy Morgan’s insights into homosexuality last week during a stand-up act—among which was that homosexuality is wrong because “God don’t make no mistakes”—is that they are part of a sad pattern. Wise people like to point to the racism lying always “just underneath” our thin American skins. Well, an equally wise observation is that a certain especially acrid brand of homophobia lies “just underneath” in too many of America’s black men. Too often, when things get a little ugly, or a little funny, or a little uncensored, out it comes.

Did "African American" History Really Happen in Atlanta, Cleveland, Philly, and Detroit? Listening to the Census.
January 22, 2010

The figures from the American Community Survey just in are more than crunched numbers. They suggest that this might be a good year for a certain term now familiar in American parlance to be, if not consigned to history, reassigned. Namely, as of now, almost 1 in 10 black people are foreign-born. About 1 in 30 are from Africa. Which means that they are--you see where I’m going--African American in the true sense.