House Democrats Just Dealt Obama a Withering Blow
June 12, 2015

This is a serious rebuke of the president—from his own party, no less.

Democrats Support Free Trade More than Republicans Do. So Why the Big Split Over the TPP?
June 08, 2015

Most Americans know little about the deal, but the activist left is organized and motivated.

Obama's Trade Deal Is Still Alive, But House Democrats Are Itching to Kill It
May 13, 2015

One small victory for the president. But lots of work still to do.

Trade Deals Are Giving Corporations the Power to Intimidate Tiny Countries
May 11, 2015

A giant Canadian mining corporation versus a village in El Salvador isn't a fair fight. 

Obama Is Right: Elizabeth Warren Is “a Politician Like Everybody Else”
May 11, 2015

The Massachusetts senator is not immune to pressure from big business.

Martin O'Malley Just Jumped to the Left of Elizabeth Warren. Your Move, Hillary.
April 17, 2015

He wants a $15 minimum wage. That makes political sense, but not economic sense.

Obama's Intraparty Trade Fight Has Officially Begun
April 16, 2015

This is only going to get uglier as the bill advances.

Why Obama Is Spurning Liberals With a Massive Trade Deal
April 07, 2015

Elizabeth Warren and labor unions hate it, but are their worries justified?

Even Vladimir Putin's Authoritarian Allies Are Fed Up With Russia's Crumbling Economy
January 18, 2015

It's “kind of like a party where no one wants to be, like one of those awful family lunches.”