This Tiny Pacific Island Nation Just Gave Russia a Big Bruise
April 02, 2014

Tuvalu (pop. 10,782) has turned its back on big bad Vladimir Putin.

Pacific Islands Defying Sea-Level Rise--For Now
June 07, 2010

One of the (many) worries about global warming is that low-lying island nations in the Pacific Ocean will get swallowed up by rising sea levels. Last fall, government officials from Maldives put on scuba gear and staged an underwater cabinet meeting as a sort of awareness-raising publicity stunt. And from everything we know, these island nations are going to have a rough time in a warmer world.

Tuvalu Flexes Its Muscles
December 11, 2009

Everyone knew that the world's tiny island nations would play a visible role at Copenhagen—after all, with sea levels rising, they arguably have the most to lose from a warming planet. But no one predicted that Tuvalu, of all countries, would single-handedly grind the climate talks to a halt. That's what happened this week, after Tuvalu's repeated insistence on an even stronger, binding treaty dissolved the ongoing discussions in acrimony. The main disagreement between small island states and developing nations like China and India concerns the "two-track" system at Copenhagen.