Ukraine Makes Amnesia the Law of the Land
Poroshenko wants his nation to forget its role in Nazi atrocities
May 21, 2015

New laws in Ukraine make it illegal to bring up its ugly past.

The Crime of the Century
A year after claiming Crimea for Russia, Putin appears to have gotten away with the heist
March 04, 2015

One year after Russia's smash-and-grab, the world has all but conceded Crimea to Vladimir Putin.

The U.S. Should Arm Ukraine—But Not Because This War Is Winnable
February 06, 2015

If enough Russians die in battle, the tide of public opinion will turn.

The War in Ukraine Has Somehow Gotten Even Worse
January 23, 2015

The government has lost the Donetsk airport. Again.

Russian Jets Are Flying Under the Radar and Endangering Civilian Airplanes
January 11, 2015

An alarming number of Russian military planes are flying through international airspace with their transponders turned off.

Ordinary Ukrainians Are Using Facebook to Arm Their Soldiers
January 09, 2015

In Ukraine’s battle against Russian-backed separatists, civilians keep the army equipped.

The Three Worst Foreign Policy Predictions of 2014
Russia would never invade Ukraine? Get ready for $5 per gallon of gas? Iran will have a nuclear weapon?
December 31, 2014

Russia would never invade Ukraine, right?

Russia and the U.S. Need to Get Along. The World's Safety Depends on It.
December 19, 2014

We must protect the nukes at all costs.

Russia's Currency Crashed Because Vladimir Putin Put His Cronies Before His People
December 16, 2014

Russia's currency now beats Ukraine's as the worst-performing currency in the world this year.

Russia's Publishing Industry is Churning Out Revisionist Histories
November 19, 2014

Russia’s publishing industry is one of the few sectors of the country's economy that does not appear to be tanking.