Kermit Has a New Girlfriend? Good. His Last One Was a Domestic Abuser.
September 02, 2015

Miss Piggy regularly beat him up, and everyone thought it was funny. Not anymore.

Don't Circulate Videos of the TV News Killing in Virginia
August 26, 2015

It's disrespectful of the dead, painful to their loved ones, and does nothing for gun control.

How Common Are Workplace Murders in America?
August 26, 2015

The killing of two TV journalists in Virginia was rare in several ways.

The Jihadist of Copenhagen
August 02, 2015

Why a young man in one of the happiest countries on earth committed a brutal act of terrorism.


Right-Wingers' Solution to Movie Theater Shootings: More Guns
July 24, 2015

Gun-rights advocates are trotting out the same old tired, disproven argument.

Rihanna Is No Pam Grier
July 07, 2015

"BBHMM" puts a materialistic spin on a social-justice blaxploitation classic.

Mental Illness Doesn't Negate Political Motive
June 21, 2015

Dylann Roof and the intersection of psychology and extremist ideology.

Should Religion Be Blamed for the World's Bloodiest Wars?
October 03, 2014

The violence of faith cannot be exorcised by demonizing religion. It goes with being human.

Tipper Gore Was Right, Violent Video Games Are Bad For You
August 05, 2014

Especially those ones that play with your sense of self.

The Japanese Literature Trend That's Half Cupcake, Half Decapitation
August 05, 2014

A new novel shows the darker side of cute.