Vladimir Putin

I Slept Next to the Wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
The crisis in Eastern Europe didn't really hit home. Until it did.
July 23, 2014

As a Dutchman, the crisis in Eastern Europe didn't really hit home. Until it did.

Strict European Sanctions Would Hurt Russia. But Don't Hold Your Breath.
July 18, 2014

The U.S. alone can't cripple the Kremlin with economic sanctions.

Putin Can Still Invade Ukraine Whenever He Pleases
And he's hoping the West won't notice
June 25, 2014

And he's hoping the West won't notice.

Putin Stirred Up Donetsk, Now He's Leaving Its People High and Dry
May 24, 2014

Putin and his propaganda machine have convinced the people of Donetsk that they're fighting for their lives, and suddenly he's lost interest in their fight.

Meet the Second-Rate Academic Who is Vladimir Putin's Culture Cop
Vladimir Medinsky is nationalist and anti-European, just like Putin
May 23, 2014

Vladimir Medinsky believes Russians have an extra chromosome

Russia's First Blogger Reacts to Putin's Internet Crackdown
May 15, 2014

Russia's first blogger, Anton Nossik, denounces Putin's Internet crackdown.

Trying to 'Win' Ukraine Could Lead to Its Collapse
May 05, 2014

If the West really wants to save Ukraine, it has to stop thinking in terms of "beating" Russia.

Russia Can't Decide if Ukrainian Jews Are Victims or Villains
April 28, 2014

Jews comprise less than 0.5 percent of the Ukrainian population. Yet anti-Semitic caricatures have taken center stage in the conflict.

John McCain Compared Putin to Hitler, But No One Noticed
April 24, 2014

Like, Really Compared Him To Hitler.