voter suppression

Just How Bad Was Voter Suppression This Election?
November 05, 2014

Calls to a voter hotline offer a clue.

The Supreme Court Isn't Likely to Stop Texas' Xenophobic Voting Laws
October 20, 2014

Texas Republicans fear that Hispanics are poised to take over their state.

Republicans Are Playing Dirty Tricks to Worsen Democrats' Midterm-Voter Problem
October 05, 2014

What the GOP learned in 2012: Voter suppression works.

Voter ID Laws Are Costing Taxpayers Millions
October 03, 2014

Research shows they impose costs, effectively discouraging low-income people from exercising their right to vote.

Here's a Dirty Election Trick That Kansas Democrats Could Play on Pat Roberts
September 22, 2014

Confused Republicans could find themselves voting for Pat Roberts, Democrat.

Democrats Just Put a GOP Senate Seat in Jeopardy—And Republicans Want to Suppress the Vote to Save It
September 05, 2014

They're hoping to confuse low-information voters by leaving a Democrats' name on the ballot.

Conservatives Are Furious That Liberals Are Trying to Register Ferguson Residents to Vote
August 20, 2014

“I think it’s not only disgusting but completely inappropriate," said Missouri's GOP director.

Ferguson Is a Microcosm of Our Racially—and Politically—Polarized Country
August 15, 2014

In the St. Louis suburb, the white ruling class has created de facto apartheid.