Wall Street

Eric Cantor's New Wall Street Job Isn't Paying Him What He's Really Worth
September 02, 2014

Let's face it, he's earned himself way more than a $1.6 million signing bonus.

Wrecking an Economy Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
Why Wall Street should be thrilled with the government's billion-dollar settlements
August 20, 2014

They're getting a slap on the wrist when twhat they deserve is a jail sentence.

Ignore the Naysayers: Dodd-Frank Reforms Are Finally Paying Off
July 22, 2014

This past year has seen four major wins on financial reform.

4 Charts Showing the Rift Between Business Republicans and the GOP
July 01, 2014

They agree on most issues, but when it comes to corporate power, Wall St. and immigration reform, they're far apart.

Dave Brat's Win Over Eric Cantor Exposed the Unholy Tea Party-Wall Street Alliance
June 12, 2014

Eric Cantor's loss was a much-needed clarifying moment. Here's why.

The Hedge-Funders Who Complain About Creeping Socialism Are Somehow Still Getting Richer
You can still make billions even if you can't beat the S&P
May 06, 2014

Somehow, despite Obama, and despite getting beaten by the S&P, the top 25 still raked in $21.15 billion. Which is 50 percent more than last year.

"I Feel Such Despair at How the Government Responded to the Financial Crisis"
A conversation with Michael Lewis
April 23, 2014

In an interview, the 'Moneyball' author talks about Wall Street, his changing politics, and the French Marxist who's competing with him on the bestseller list.

The Toughest Cop on Wall Street You've Never Heard Of
How Benjamin Lawsky's making big banks pay
April 16, 2014

How Benjamin Lawsky's making big bank pay.

The Tea Party and Wall Street Might Not Be Best Friends Forever, But they Are for Now
March 21, 2014

Sure, they complain about "bailouts." But the Tea Party's theory of the financial crisis has absolved Wall Street completely.

Washington Has Not Defeated Wall Street. Yet.
Here are four remaining fights
January 23, 2014

There are at least four major issues in financial reform that still need to be addressed.