Stop Calling Our Closest Allies Against ISIS "Terrorists"
October 22, 2014

We need the PKK for stability in the Middle East.

Their Fears Are Coming True: People Are Disappearing in Crimea Now That Russia's in Charge
October 16, 2014

"We survived the communist times, Stalin, Lenin. We will survive this Putin too."

Obama, Not Bush, Is the Master of Unilateral War
The president must force Congress to vote on his military powers
October 14, 2014

The president must force Congress to vote on his military powers.

My Terrifying Night With Afghanistan's Only Female Warlord
October 13, 2014

"She killed for hours and stole weapons from corpses. There were bodies everywhere. No man questioned her."

Shame on Turkey for Choosing the Islamic State Over the Kurds
October 12, 2014

If Turkey refuses to act, it can kiss its NATO membership goodbye.

If Obama Wants Congress' Approval to Attack ISIS, He'll Have to Ask—or Screw Up Badly
October 07, 2014

What history tells us about Obama's unilateral decision to bomb ISIS>

Should Religion Be Blamed for the World's Bloodiest Wars?
October 03, 2014

The violence of faith cannot be exorcised by demonizing religion. It goes with being human.

The War Against the Islamic State Is About to Hit $1 Billion
September 30, 2014

And there's no plan for how this will end.