2015: A Year of Record-Breaking Extreme Weather
July 22, 2015

Here’s a running list of this year’s frightening climate milestones.

God Help These Bostonians Who Already Miss the City’s Worst Winter Ever
May 08, 2015

Don't they realize New Englanders are supposed to savor misery?

For Once, Bad Weather Might Hurt a Republican's Reelection
November 04, 2014

A snowstorm in Maine could doom the state's governor. 

Soccer Players Are Worried About the Heat in Brazil, But They Actually Run Faster When It's Hot
June 26, 2014

Scientists put soccer players in 109 degree heat. Here's what they found out. 

It's Finally Spring! Here's How the Cold Weather Affected Your Brain
May 20, 2014

People are more likely to believe criminals have committed premeditated crimes when they themselves are cold.

Nate Silver’s Not As Foxy As He Thinks He Is
March 17, 2014

Nate Silver compares himself to the fox, knowing many little things, rather than the hedgehog, knowing one big thing. But his philosophy has characteristics of the latter.

Cold Weather Stinks. Hot Weather Is Great. End of Debate.
January 08, 2014

I know you guys know all about how wear lots of layers and all of that, but cold weather is still rotten.  

You Won’t BELIEVE These Weather Channel Headlines!
January 02, 2014

By naming winter storms and creating viral web content, The Weather Channel has transitioned into the modern media age.

How Strong Is Super Typhoon Haiyan? Compare It to This Pic of Katrina
November 07, 2013

It’s not often that the classification “Super Typhoon”—the equivalent of a strong Category 4 or 5 Hurricane, like Katrina or Andrew—fails to convey the intensity of a tropical cyclone.

Unnatural Disaster
June 17, 2013

On May 20, a massive EF5 tornado whipped through heavily populated Moore, Oklahoma, killing 24 and injuring nearly 400. That tragedy has now shifted into the drudgery of recovery.